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Lucinda Ellery?

Recently, I’ve had a surge in asks/messages about the hair place - Lucinda Ellery.



I am aware of her and the work that goes on there.

She was featured in the UK Channel 4 Documentary, Girls On The Pull - which I really disliked. (Short summary of my opinions - the program was a bad representation of what Trichotillomania is and made it seem like Lucinda Ellery was the only solution to immediately stop pulling.)

I have looked into permanent hair wig systems, like the interlace system her company offers - but they are incredibly expensive. The following was taken from her website:

Each individual Intralace system™ is bespoke for each client, the cost would range on average from £800 - £1900.

There are six to eight maintenance appointments each year on average with the hair integrated Intralace system™ at a cost of £90 per hour with the average appointment taking 1.5 hrs. 

It’s an awful amount of money that I just don’t have…

There are other reasons too why I do not visit her clinic. I’ve spoken to many people who have visited her salon and have had mixed experiences based on their condition or the money they spent. I went to a Trichnic there, just before the summer and that was my only experience of the inside of her salon. It was very glamourous and I felt out of place.

I wish these companies weren’t money based. Not everyone can afford such high prices and so often too. It would be lovely to have something available for anyone suffering with hair loss conditions for free as it isn’t something we choose to have.

I’d love to have one of these interlaced systems, but with everything else I am paying for right now…. I just don’t have thousands of pounds to spent on ongoing expensive treatments. :(.

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  1. justmyself316 said: I also found the girls on the pull thingy, and i also didnt like it. I though it made people with trish are pathetic insucure people, which they arent. They are amazing people.
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  4. anotherpityparty said: I completely agree! I went there for a trich gathering at the beginning of this year. The place is gorgeous inside but definitely only caters for those trichsters who have a lot of money to spend. It’s a real shame.
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